FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Ruleson Records announces Light Up Nigeria album and Must Shine official video

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Ruleson Records announces Light Up Nigeria Album and video of Must Shine by Jahonze

Ruleson Records is thrilled to announce the release of the latest, album by Jahonze. LIGHT UP NIGERIA and MUST SHINE have been released since on 8th of November, 2017and its up ready to be triggered round the world at the maximum speed with same accuracy.

Phone: +39 3295 631327

The album, ‘Light up Nigeria’, consists of eleven original songs from Jahonze.The album was recorded in Italy. It was produced by Jahonze

The theme of the album is pointed towards brighten the natural minds of the Nigeria people and bring them into the world of intelligence, respect of life, raising the poor and educating the world about Nigerians rich cultural background and unity.

MUST SHINE Video is the demonstration of the talents of Jahonze. An interesting musical video that tells much about abilities to move the human carrier to an advanced level of recognition in life not minding the fluctuations of life and its unfairness. MUST SHINE a video for all.

Rule Son Records, started in the early 2017 and since the creation, she has produced and carried out several projects, raised up artists in their own natural creations, abilities and a search light to upcoming artists in Europe and Nigeria.

Rule Son Records is out there searching and hunting for young talented artist who can join in the dream of changing and making the world a better place, she is connected with organizing of Movies, Music Concert, and Musical Shows and general entertainment production with the foresight to bringing talents out of the little minds.
Jahonze, a sole author, actor and producer of LIGHT UP NIGERIA and MUST SHINE, he is a hard working chap who believes in turning the world into a better place with music. He is the owner of the Rule Son Record and lives in Italy. He believes that the world will take a better shape if every individual will take his or her friend or even neighbor as equal and he quotes “ When a man sees his friends and destiny, the more live man liveth”.

The album will be launching shortly, and fans are encouraged to visit Ruleson, which provides everything you could want to know about the young musician. As well as checking out videos of Jahonze being interviewed and photos of him in action, you can also sign up for the mailing list to receive news and information about upcoming gigs and new releases.
Fans can also check out his page and can even join up to be his friend on Facebook.

• Pictures, interviews and samples are available to support this story.
• The new album will be released shortly.
For further information, contact:
• Ruleson Records at “official email”
• Management and booking contacts at, or phone +39 3295 631327
• Visit ruleson records website
• Visit Jahonze’s page
• Become Jahonze’s friend on facebook

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